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Life Insurance for the Under 40s

We have some good news for you. If you're under 40 and you're reasonably healthy, you can buy a lot of life insurance cover without spending too much money. If you're a non smoker, your money goes even further.

Financial security for your family

If you have young children or others who depend on you, you know in your heart of hearts that you should have life insurance. Indeed you've already taken the first step, you're here reading this.

Life insurance for the under 40s

Sorry, but it just might

It's a very sad fact of life that many people in the UK take the "it won't happen to me" attitude to an early grave. Especially when we're younger we all like to think we're innvincible. Many millions of UK citizens have no life cover at all, and most don't have enough money to provide the desired level of financial security for their loved ones should the worst happen.

The next step

Take action now to make sure that your loved ones are protected.

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Would you also like critical illness cover costs Critical Illness Cover

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Critical illness cover is a long-term insurance policy. It's designed to pay you a lump sum on diagnosis of a range of seriously incapacitating or life threatening conditions such as loss of limbs, heart attack, stroke, cancer and blindness.

Ask your advisor for full details of which conditions are included.
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